Tri Polus is a facilitator of international business based in Westminster, London. The company operates in government and commercial markets and specialises in high-technology sectors.

Tri Polus offers its clients services to enable them to enter new markets and capture business in the UK, USA, and India, Turkey, Europe, Brazil, parts of Middle-East and Asia.

Our focus is the Aerospace and Defence sectors.

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  • Tri Polus has extensive experience in defence and advanced technologies.
  • Tri Polus has established a fully integrated range of market access business services.
  • Tri Polus are specialists in the Aerospace/ Defence and International Space sectors.
  • Tri Polus is well established within India, the world's fourth largest economy.
  • Tri Polus identifies for its clients candidate projects that could benefit from Offsets.

Tri Polus has expertise in Offsets and has a proven track record in the delivery of Defence Offset projects. Defence Offsets have become a common feature of large value aerospace and defence transactions and considerable expertise is required to identify and steer a company through the process of successful delivery of Offset obligations.

Tri Polus works with a range of US and European clients to assist them in meeting their Offset obligations worldwide. Currently Tri Polus is active in Offset projects in India, Turkey, Brazil and the Middle-East.